A Vision to create a Centre of Sporting Excellence which would be a cradle to churn out Champions in the Boxing Sport and achieve Glory for India at the Olympics. To provide a consistent ecosystem for Young Talent with high potential to be identified , nurtured and trained in a Conducive environment by providing World class Training, Infrastructure , Equipment Support and Expert Mentoring to Inspire them for highest standards of performance , represent the country and prove themselves as the best in the World’s biggest Sporting arenas.


To establish a CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) association in promoting Sports ,with Corporates and Business Houses in India so as to create a mutually beneficial platform to Initiate and synergise a Higher , Paradigm and positive shift to the Olympic Movement in India.

To invite and involve the Citizens of India to actively participate and support the Boxing Sport and Athletes in the country so as to motivate Indian Sportsmen/women to reach Highest milestone of achievements in the world.